A Vision is a Roadmap to Accomplish Your Goals

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By Teaching Pastor & CEO
L. Renee Richardson, MBA

My biblical inspiration is the Proverbs 31 Woman. In Proverbs 31:18 we learn that “she works late into the night to make sure her business earns a profit.”

Are you working late into the night to build your business? What are your desires? What are the desires you have for YOUR life? Have you really thought about it? Do you want a career? Have babies? Take a vacation?
What is it that you REALLY desire? I ask myself this question daily. There are lots of things I am doing, but the most important question is what do I really want to do? Here’s a big secret. My heart’s desire becomes my life’s Big 3 goals. My Big 3 goals are: Word, Women and Wealth. My life centers around these. God revealed my purpose in my prayer closet. It drives the visions for my life.

Smart and wealthy women have a plan!

It is critically important to have written goals, or your life will be guided by someone else’s goals: your job, husband, children, parents, church or anything that pulls on your time. Only 3 percent of the world has written goals that they work on every day, according to my mentor Brian Tracy.

We offer classes in our Wealth and Riches Today for Women Academy classes to empower YOU to really Design the Lifestyle YOU desire…Today. (www.wealthandrichestodayinc.eventbrite.com) God was a planner. Jeremiah 29 says God knows the plans for our lives. So we need to find out what his plan is for our lives. He has the secret to our God-success. Proverbs 21:5 says careful planning leads to profit.

A plan is a roadmap to accomplish your goal.
A plan propels you to God-success.

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L. Renee Richardson

L. Renee Richardson

Called to preach, teach and lead at the age of 10, L. Renee has served in ministry leadership for 42 years and as a top business leader for 35 years. She is the founder and CEO of three global corporations: twenty-year-old Women of Vision and Destiny Ministries Worldwide, Inc. (WOVD), 16-year-old Wealth and Riches Today, Inc. and the new I AM Worth it Foundation to raise $4.0 billion for global women’s and young ladies causes. L. Renee is a highly sought after national and international speaker. She has hosted Christian Women’s Leadership Conferences for 16 years throughout the North America/U.S. Region and has expanded into Asia. She has a B.B.A. from Columbus State University and an MBA from the University of Georgia. L. Renee is an ordained Teaching Pastor by Dr. Ron Cottle. Her book The Widow Oil Tycoon is sold on Amazon. She can be reached at www.wealthandrichestoday.com.